Understanding Men’s Seasonal Dress Shirts

Guide to Understanding Men’s Seasonal Dress Shirts

A man’s basic features may be the prevailing factors in what colors look good on a man, however, they are not the be-all and end-all in what every stylish man should understand.

A gentleman who has a genuine interest in fashion and dresses the part should also remember the seasons and its effect on the kind and colors of clothing he should be wearing. The dark colored suit and dress shirt you want to wear may not be exactly appropriate for a daytime wedding especially if it’s during summer. If you do insist on wearing dark colored clothing to a daytime summer event, expect to break a sweat a little bit, not to mention attract unwanted attention for the somber colored garment you’re wearing to a festive occasion.

This section briefly looks at seasons as well as the colors it inspires during this time.

Dressing Up for Spring Season

The season of spring is a time of reawakening where colors such as lavenders, pink, and variations of blue are abloom and act as perfect accompaniment to a stylish man. White, with all its variations, is a great choice as well during spring together with men’s custom dress shirts in man-made fabrics.

Keep in mind to switch to natural fabrics when it gets too warm. In general, it’s best to choose lightweight fabrics during this time as well as incorporating patterns such as checks and stripes to celebrate the season.

Colors for Summer Season

The season of summer is a time in fashion where light colors and bold ones complement the vibe of the season. Light colored clothing is more comfortable and practical during the hot climate. However, the type of fabric you’re wearing also plays a part in your overall comfort despite the heat. 100% cottons, silks, and linens are the fabrics of choice for summer for their ability to repel moisture. A stylish man would do well by including several colors and patterns, such as light tan stripes, burgundy checks, as well as the staple blue or navy solids.

Colors for Fall Season

The fall season signals the impending cold weather thus heavier fabrics and dark colored clothing tend to be popular during this time. Apart from wearing heavier materials, blended fabrics are perfect for cooler climates as they easily retain the heat during cold weather, especially if you forgot to bring your coat with you at night.

Broadcloth and chambray are excellent fabrics for fall. For added style, include some patterns such as colorful stripes or checks or subtle variations of blue or navy.

Colors for Winter Season

Heavy fabrics such as twills, flannels, oxfords in dark hues start to appear again during winter. Liven up your seemingly somber clothing by accessorizing with colorful accents such as light pink tailored shirt or red check that you’ve dying to wear for months.

Keep in mind that winter is a time to invest and buy clothing that best matches your lifestyle despite the cold weather and a twill shirt or any heavy fabric can help you keep warm and comfortable. During this time, green and brown hues are staples in menswear, albeit leaning towards a more casual fashion.

Better Understanding of Seasons and Dress Shirts

It’s essential to keep in mind that a man’s self-confidence towards his appearance and subsequent style matter in his overall look. So when people eventually gaze upon you and what you’re wearing, you should be able to have the confidence to admit that you do look good.

This section has given you guiding principles to have the confidence to look your best and choose complementing colors for your style.