Matching Men’s Ties with Colors and Patterns of Dress Shirts

Basics in Matching Dress Shirt Colors & Patterns with Men’s Ties

One of the difficult things a man may face when coordinating his outfit is matching his tie with the rest of his wardrobe. The confusion lies in matching the dress shirt with the appropriate tie since there are factors that can affect it. Always keep things simple so coordinating things are easy.

Matching Solid Color Ties

The solid ties as well as the semi-solid ones are the easiest to pair with a suit and shirt. The absence of pattern makes it easier to pair with the rest of your clothing. A red tie in solid color can easily complete the look of a check shirt and pinstriped suit or a light blue shirt and solid grey suit ensemble. The silkier the tie the more formal it appears. For a casual appeal, try wearing cotton or wool ties.

Matching Modern Striped Ties

Neckties that feature colorful multiple stripes are common in modern Italian designs. In matching a tie, ensure that colors and patterns coordinate well with the rest of your attire. Since the tie gives a purple hue, the tie will work well with a color in the same family. Rosy pink as well as light purple would be good colors and matches for the purple striped tie. When it comes to stripes, if the tie shows a brown color it, this works well with blue, khaki or olive suits. If you want to pair this with a tie in a different pattern, you have to select a pattern in large sizes. An example of this would be a charcoal grey suit with a large square checks, much like the Prince of Wales check.

Matching Classic Stripes

The classic stripe is a subtle design consisting of 2 contrasting hues. The red and white stripes on this image perfectly illustrate this description. Since the stripes are spaced apart, the tie will look nice with narrow stripes or a check dress shirt. Any colored suit can work with this tie, and for a dress shirt, blue and white are perfect. The red and white stripes patterned tie may not be appropriate for the office for its boldness, so refrain from wearing this for an important meeting especially when trying to make a lasting first impression.

Matching Military, Regimental, or University Neckties

One thing to remember, military or regimental ties should be worn only if you’ve served in the unit or have been given the right to display it. Classic British ties are known for their striped design and lackluster color. The ties are displayed starting from the right to the left, while American military in the north have the striped design in the opposite direction and the traditional colors include olive, burgundy, amber, navy, forest green and tan. Classic British ties are usually made with rougher fabric blends, such as fine wool, cotton, or silk. The red hue in burgundy and yellow qualities of amber can work best with blue or white shirt. Narrow stripes in dress shirts, especially with button down collars are usually made from oxford fabrics. Apart from the traditional two-piece suit, the British ties work well with trousers and contrasting jacket. The ribbed appearance of the fabric works well with coarser cloths such as an oxford shirt or tweed jacket and the perfect tie knot would be the asymmetrical Four-in-Hand.

Matching Paisley Ties

The teardrop shape of the paisley pattern first appeared in 16th century Persia and according to stories was taken from the shape of a young date palm’s shoots, which is a fertility symbol in Babylonia and Hindu religion. Paisley was very popular in Persia and was used to adorn the garments of the royals and the religious. In the sixties, the paisley pattern started appearing on men’s ties and since then remained in men’s fashion.

Matching Different Patterns: Polka Dot, Foulard & Club Ties

The intricate and quite small patterns of the polka dot, foulard, club ties are either woven or printed into the cloth itself. When pairing these ties with your shirt and suit, the similar idea of pairing patterns works as well. The pattern of the clothing must vary in size and ideally should be in another form. The red and white polka illustrated in this section can work well with a solid grey suit and check shirt in navy white. The silk fabric’s noticeable sheen is perfectly suited with the tie’s delicate pattern, together this look can complete a classic two-piece suit.