The Importance of Men’s Dress Shoes

If you want to be sure of a man’s style, all you need to do is look at his shoes. Taking care of one’s body is just as important as dressing your feet in well-fitting dress shoes.

Innovations in textile manufacturing have greatly reduced production costs of clothing in general. However, quality footwear has not gotten any cheaper. The best dress shoes are priced from $300 and up to stand as worthy investment in the long run. These dress shoes are already comfortable to wear even when it’s brand new without the need to break them in. The dress shoes can last for many years so long as you care for it properly. When it comes to dress shoes, a man doesn’t need to worry about appearing too overdressed in his shoes. Today, men have a variety of style options for his preferred activity any day.

If thinking of spending $500 on a pair of dress shoes is daunting for you, think of the shoes as a lifetime investment, as quality shoes can last for years so you get your money’s worth. Dress shoes bought at department stores range from $100 and up which is usually made from cheap leather and glued to rubber soles which can last for more than a year if properly cared for. However, at this time, the leather would show signs of visible wear and opting to repair it might cost you as well. Meanwhile, the $500 dress shoes made of quality leather may last for years and to maintain the quality of the soles, you may need to re-sole it every couple of years. The leather of the shoes can in fact improve as it ages with its color developing into a richer hue. This makes the $500 dress shoes truly a worthy investment that should be wearable for years to come.

In general, quality shoes for men are created by companies involved primarily in shoe manufacturing, such as Allen Edmonds and Alden to name a few. These established brands in manufacturing men’s shoes have focused instead on providing fine materials and quality products than investing on lavish advertising. These brands produce the finest dress shoes earning them years of success and praises all over the world. Meanwhile, high-end stores sell shoes that are usually made by other manufacturers using less expensive materials and poor construction. So taking care of your dress shoes is imperative if you wish it to last for a long time.

One way to care for your shoes is to purchase shoe trees made of cedar. These cedar shoe trees are spring-loaded designed to fit your shoes once you take it off. It also helps to return your shoes into its original form with moisture and odor absorbing qualities. For maximum effect, the cedar shoe trees should be inserted in your shoes for 24 hours for every wear. So you should have at least 2 pairs of dress shoes. Make sure to use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes to minimize the heel’s creasing.

The last thing to remember is to always polish your dress shoes to prolong its sleek surface. It will only  take you about 10 minutes to clean it of any dirt and polish it to keep its sheen. You can polish the shoes while still in its trees using cleaning aids made specifically for leather shoes, such as a saddle soap. This gives a protective layer around the exterior of the shoes eliminating dirt to accumulate. Let this set for a few minutes on the leather then you can wipe it off continuously with a rag to make it shine.