Things to Consider in Wearing Men’s Jewelry

Wearing appropriate men’s jewelry with a suit can make you appear from someone decent to someone dazzling. Keep in mind that men’s jewelry at all times should be simple and men’s watch should be functional as well as the cufflinks and tie clips. The wedding ring should be given its proper respect as well as the other rings that are simple enough to wear for the right occasion. Piercings may be frowned upon by conservative groups, however, if you choose to wear a suit and accessorize it with your eyebrow stud, you need to make sure all the attention goes to your suit so people will remember your impeccable style and not your piercing.

One general guideline in proper dressing is to make sure you match metal for metal. This means your silver belt buckle should match your cufflinks and tie clip as well all the other blings you may decide on wearing. However, since this is just a guideline and not a strict rule in fashion, it is acceptable to wear a wedding band made of gold and your silver cuff links. Another general guideline is to avoid wearing gold in the evening, as well as brown shows or button-down collars. Again this is a guide for men and not exactly a commandment for all to follow.

A Guide to Wearing Men’s Watches

Men’s watch is one of those details in style that allows people the chance to recognize you or tell you apart from the rest. The bulging and bejeweled watches from professional bankers do have their place as much as the unassuming dress watches of university professors. Most men have a timepiece which they treasure for years while some men wear a variety of watches for everyday wear. This last part can be challenging to an American who needs to reset his clock a couple of times a year. As a general guide, the more subtle the watch, the more formal it is. When someone wears a tuxedo, tradition dictates that one should not wear a timepiece, as time is insignificant when you’re out partying and becomes the least of your concerns. Those conservative professions that demand formality should wear elegant timepieces, without any bezels or numerous dials. Gold and silver are appropriate as well as metal and bands made of leather. For positions which can be more flexible, any watch will do.

Cufflinks for Men

When you wear your dress shirt with French cuffs, you have the chance to wear cufflinks. The cufflinks do come in various styles of metallic colors such as gold, silver, brass, or other precious gems and embellishments. Once you decide to wear them, bear in mind that people will scrutinize you for your choice of style. You should think about what they are trying to say about you only then can you gauge for yourself if it is something that suits your personal style. You should stick with classic and subtle designs with cufflinks that have personal value.

The Tie Essentials – Tie Clips, Chains & Tacks

To keep your tie in place, a tie clip is essential in every suit. A subtle stripe of any metal, whether gold or silver, is appropriate. Anything more than that and it becomes tacky. The tie clips can be worn at a certain angle to lessen the rigidity it imposes on some men. The tie chain has the same purpose as that of a tie clip, the main difference is the metallic dangling chain. The tie tack appears like a stud earring which has an extending chain from behind. It is placed at the tie’s center and inserts the chain to a button hole. We discourage this since sticking it creates a hole that may damage the tie.

Men’s Rings

When it comes to men’s rings, coordinating it with the rest of his wardrobe is easy since he doesn’t have a lot of rings to begin with, as opposed to timepieces. A simple band of silver, gold or platinum would be the most classic choice. Apart from a wedding ring, other symbolic rings may still be worn, such as a class ring. However, if keeping up with appearances matter, a ring embellished with gem stones is still acceptable within the confines of business wear.