Men’s Guide to Shirt Collars

Shirt collars can be made available in various colors, styles, and sizes. However, there is always one common goal when custom fitting shirt collars – that is to frame the wearer’s face. Only one shirt collar is going to be used regardless of the coat or tie the wearer’s using. This is the determining factor in framing the wearer’s face. The collar can make or break the look of your shirt, so getting the right one can enhance your facial features instead of highlighting the negatives. This section discusses the 2 major types of shirt collars: the turndown and wing collars.

Turndown Style Collars

Turndown style collars are the most common type used in men’s dress shirts. Its name is a giveaway for what it looks like, turned down triangle form with varying angles depending what kind of look the wearer prefers. The turndown may have numerous variations, but it only has 2 main types: point collar and the cutaway or spread collar.

The point collar is the most recognized style in men’s dress shirts in which the collar is designed, cut to be pointed and placed close together. Closely pointed collars can draw your vision downwards to the tie area and not directly at the face.

The cutaway, also known as spread collar, has the points spread or cut away, hence its name. The cutaway collar allows the portion of the upper shirt to be exposed more which gives the chance for bigger knotted ties.

The spread collars are available in different widths much like the pointed collars. Some are moderate-sized with a bit of flare while the horizontal are the most extreme ones. It is up to the wearer to dictate the exact dimensions depending on his proportions. Spread collars that are too wide can highlight wider and bigger body types yet it can balance the look of narrow or thin physiques.

The button down style collars are used mostly on men’s casual shirts. This style is made with tiny buttonholes at the tip of its points. These tiny buttonholes are made to correspond to an equally tiny button on both sides of the shirt. This is the most casual collar style although it can still be paired with a tie and the collar buttons should always be closed.

The pin collars and tab collars are 2 less popular types than those mentioned above. The pin collar has tiny holes in both points intended for a pin or something more decorative such as a bar beneath the knotted tie. The tab collar has a small tab beneath the knotted tie and held together with a hook closure which allows the knotted tie to lean forward and stand up. Both the pin and tab collars are worn without any tie, the appearance of holes and tabs give off an unkempt look.

Wing Style Collars

The wing collars, best worn with the tuxedo, are short, without any turndown and with tiny wings hidden beneath the bow tie. These collars are best worn for men’s formalwear with some thought on when the occasion is for daytime or night time.

Ultimately, the dress shirt style collar rests on the choice of the wearer. After all, custom made is still a matter of personal style and the wearer’s preference upholds the entire look of the garment. Fashion itself is never too rigid and when it comes to menswear, every gentleman can choose the right style which he desires most and one that fits him perfectly as well. If you’re having tailored shirts done, keep in mind that the collars mentioned here can be custom fitted to frame and highlight your face.  Once you have completed this task you can now dress confidently and walk among equally stylish gents.