Men’s Guide to Dress Shirt Cuffs

Men’s dress shirt cuffs may be an essential part of the wardrobe, apart from the collar. The shirt cuffs are the most exposed parts when a coat is worn. Cuffs must reach past the coat sleeves about an inch. This gives a polished look to the ensemble. This section discusses the most popular cuff styles: Button style and the French style.

Button Style Cuffs

This style has single cuffs that should be buttoned in place and wrapped around the arm. The most popular button cuff has 1 button or an adjustable one as well as 2 buttons that are side by side. These features can be found in shirts that are ready made. For tailored shirts, the cuffs have 2 buttonholes and 2 buttons placed vertically, which is considered for formal wear and also called the barrel cuff style. It also has a small button on the sleeve located between cuffs and at the end of the cuff’s opening called gauntlet button. The smaller one should stop the area from opening and showing the wearer’s wrist. The gauntlet buttons, which off the rack shirts usually lack, are a true mark of a well-made dress shirt.

French Style Cuffs

The most formal style cuff is the French cuff. However, in spite of its formal nature, it is still acceptable to wear everyday in most occasions and industries. With a double cuff, the French cuff is held and folded back using cufflinks, thus creating a unique look. Cufflinks should always go with French cuffs, albeit, more subtle choices are available. This cuff style should not be rolled up as it is made to be paired with stylish cufflinks.

The cuff type is a necessary detail that should be chosen based on the shirt you prefer. Maybe not all men want to wear shirts in French cuffs but a truly stylish man should consider including one in this collection. Acknowledging this cuff style is your chance to show the world that you appreciate classic style in as much as you are proud of your appearance.