The Variety of Pocket Squares in Colors & Patterns

Men’s pocket squares are made in colorful designs and patterns that are acceptable to a variety of suits. It should be noted that the pocket square’s color should be different from the shirt and tie but it should not be too far off from the jacket’s color. However, it should not be too different that it clashes with the rest of the colors.

Solid White Pocket Squares in Linen or Cotton

Maybe the most elegant type of pocket square is made of either linen or cotton in solid white square. The pocket square should be slightly starched to give it a bit of body. The white square is appropriate in many suit ensembles yet essentially works with dark colored basic suits.

Silk Pocket Squares

Pocket squares made of silk are typically found in retail stores which have a variety of selections available on display. These pocket squares are available in almost any color and design and provide better opportunity to give a distinct fashion statement.

Since there are a variety of pocket squares available, choosing the right colors and patterns may seem such a challenging endeavor. One noteworthy detail is choosing a pocket square with hand-rolled edges and made of silk, which is a mark of quality and should be available in every well-made square.

Keep in mind the type of fabric when choosing your pocket square. The jacket’s fabric and tie must also be taken into consideration. Try to combine squares made of silk and tie fabrics that are a bit heavy. The textured pocket squares and smooth ties are a great idea to incorporate a bit of contrast. Meanwhile, a silk square against a tweed jacket which has a rough texture becomes unique. The easiest option, which is a wool suit, is just as compatible with either linen or silk squares and the wide selection of patterns for silk need a silk square for some of your outfits.

Pocket Square Patterns

In getting the right pattern for a pocket square, you must look for the brightly hued and patterned item in your outfit – and this would be the tie. However, if it’s the shirt or suit, that detail must be the one in focus. You have a wide selection of color palette and patterns available at your disposal, although this can be limited by the pieces you have in your collection. When it comes to solid pieces, the patterns are particularly unique and while squares in solid are an easy bet for patterned ties, the contrasting elements of a patterned square gives off a stylish look.

Pocket Square Color

When it comes to pocket square color, it would be beneficial to check for the base color of the piece you’re matching only then should you decide which complementing color works well. You don’t need to match the square’s color with the dominant hue. An alternative way is to match it with a secondary hue which becomes a color accent. However, when it comes to classic style, color choice is given special attention especially on the type of event you’re attending. It may be just a small detail that’s exposed, but a pocket square in bold color may be uncalled for at a somber gathering such as a funeral or an intimate one such as a wedding.